hokeypokeyboop (hokeypokeyboop) wrote,

New gets

I've been working a lot lately due to the holidays, and being short staffed. But I'm baaaack! I got some wonderful new gets from my bff for Christmas (Growlithe time plush which was a major grail for me) kyreon Also a huge thank you to everyone that has let me do holds! You all are amazing, and I really appreciate it. On another note, I still need feedback from a few people and would appreciate it as I don't have much feedback. Thank you~

I got this cutie in the mail finally!

He's suuuuper soft, and floofy! <3

SUPER ADORABLE PIKACHUS! AAAARGH *dies of cuteness over load*
And a super cute meeeew

And I got this adorbs Espeon coin

I got some in case figures. Growlithe and Arcanine are from my bestie. I need a case for Growlithe if anyone has one! TIA

I also need a zukan base for my Houndour and Houndoom if anyone is selling one. A taller peg for Houndoom too if possible

And last, but not least I'm looking for this fuzzy Pikachu or any fuzzy pikas similar to this one

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