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In search of

Looking for all of these items *high wants*
(2 of each of the lip balms)

Also I'm after the Pikachu and friends beach kuji prizes if anyone can get their paws on some!

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Looking for pretty much ANYthing Vulpix, Rockruff, Lycanroc, Espeon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Mew, Pikachu that I don't already have. (Mostly plushes. Not too terribly interested in flats at the moment)


In search of a lucky bag, or Popplio

I'm looking for someone to pick up one of the lucky bags for me. I'm mostly after the popplio plush and mug. Thanks! <3

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Is anyone doing pick ups for the Pokemon Center Lillie  Bag? I need somewhere to keep my cosmog. Lil guy keeps escaping from my current bag lol

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A wild vulpix appears!

Yay!! My grail finally came in the mail today! I got her for a steal too~
$37 :3

And he included a free vulpix magnet :D

(Excuse the mess lol I'm at work)

New gets

I've been working a lot lately due to the holidays, and being short staffed. But I'm baaaack! I got some wonderful new gets from my bff for Christmas (Growlithe time plush which was a major grail for me) kyreon Also a huge thank you to everyone that has let me do holds! You all are amazing, and I really appreciate it. On another note, I still need feedback from a few people and would appreciate it as I don't have much feedback. Thank you~

I got this cutie in the mail finally!

He's suuuuper soft, and floofy! <3

SUPER ADORABLE PIKACHUS! AAAARGH *dies of cuteness over load*
And a super cute meeeew

And I got this adorbs Espeon coin

I got some in case figures. Growlithe and Arcanine are from my bestie. I need a case for Growlithe if anyone has one! TIA

I also need a zukan base for my Houndour and Houndoom if anyone is selling one. A taller peg for Houndoom too if possible

And last, but not least I'm looking for this fuzzy Pikachu or any fuzzy pikas similar to this one


Banner courtesy of kyreon Thanks!

Mega Wants!

Vulpix wants

Growlithe/Arcanine wants

Cute random wants

Vulpix photos courtesy ofskdarkdragon Thank you! :3
~Various other pics taken from google~

My pokemon collection thus far






My custom Espeon plushes made by kyreon